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4 Tips That Will Get You The Best Prices on Contact Lenses

By January 3, 2018Contacts Advice

In this article, I will share with you 4 tips that will ensure that you get the best prices on contact lenses, saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

There’s no question that contact lenses are more expensive than we would like them to be. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are ways to drastically cut down on how much you pay for contact lenses every year.

Tip #1 Go OnlineShopping for contact lenses online

The first step to getting the best price for contact lenses is to start buying contact lenses online.

Buying contact lenses from your eye doctor’s office guarantees that you will be overpaying for your contact lenses because your eye doctor needs to make a profit from them.

Of course, this is true of companies who sell contact lenses online too. Every business is in it to make money, but eye doctors charge a much higher mark-up on their contact lenses then online retailers do. There are several reasons for this:

1. Economies of scale – Since online retailers serve a much larger market than an individual eye doctor’s office, they are able to charge less and still make profits. Eye doctor’s offices only make a fraction of the sales that online contact lens retailers do, so to make it worth their while, they have to charge more. This is the same principle that allows stores like Walmart to offer such low prices.

2. Price gouging – Before online retailers of contact lenses came along, the eye doctor’s office was the only place you could purchase contact lenses. That being the case, they were able to charge whatever they wanted, and patients had no choice but to pay it. Even today, there are still people who think that if they want contact lenses, they have to purchase them from their eye doctor’s office. This still gives eye doctor the power to overcharge for their contact lenses, knowing that a certain percentage of people will still buy them at that inflated price.

On a related note, eye doctors are currently strongly lobbying the government to pass laws which will once again make them the only sanctioned retailers of contact lenses. Needless to say, that would be terrible for consumers, who would see prices for contact lenses skyrocket. To read more about this ongoing battle, here are a few articles that will get you up to speed:

Article 1 – https://www.forbes.com/sites/chrisversace/2017/01/17/the-ftc-finally-sees-the-light-on-contact-lenses/#606df8836dde

Article 2 – http://observer.com/2017/07/johnson-and-johson-contact-lens-market-monopoly/

Article 3 – http://dailycaller.com/2017/06/24/eye-doctors-lobby-congress-for-more-control/

Article 4 – http://thehill.com/business-a-lobbying/281134-contact-lens-lobbies-seeing-red

There’s no question that purchasing contact lenses online is a must if you’re going to get the best price on contact lenses, but you have to keep in mind that there are dozens of online contact lens retailers, and some of them charge just as much, if not more than your eye doctor’s office. That’s why Tip #2 is just as important as Tip #1.

Tip # 2 Use A Contact Lens Price Comparison Site

Contacts Advice Contact Lens Price Comparison Site

Contacts Advice is the internet’s best contact lens price comparison site.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when purchasing contact lenses online is to assume that the prices will be the same across all websites.

Some people have only ever heard of one or two contact lens websites such as 1800contacts, and think that since it’s the most well known (in their minds) that it must be the place with the best price. This could not be further from the truth.

When it comes to online contact lens retailers, the most well-known ones are almost always the most expensive ones. For example, who hasn’t heard of 1800contacts, Walgreens and Walmart? All 3 of these websites sell contact lenses, but they charge 2-3x as much as other contact lens websites.

That’s why comparing prices for contact lenses online is so important. But how do you compare prices at websites that you don’t even know exist? That’s where contact lens price comparison sites like Contacts Advice comes in.

Contacts Advice does weekly price checks for every brand across the top contact lens websites so that you can quickly and easily find the best price for your brand of contact lenses.

Tip # 3 Don’t Use Coupon CodesContact lens coupon codes are not a good deal

Offering coupon codes is a tactic that certain websites use to steal your business while making you think that you’re getting a good deal.

The reality is that coupon codes are only offered by websites that grossly overcharge for their contact lenses to begin with.

For example, 1800contacts are notorious for doing this. They charge somewhere in the range of 100%-200% MORE than their competitors, but they hand out 10% off coupons codes, as though that makes any difference.

The contact lens websites that truly offer the best prices on contact lenses will not offer coupon codes because they don’t have to. Their prices are already at rock bottom.

You can verify this yourself. Look up the prices for your brand at 1800contacts, or Walgreens and take 10%, or even 20% off, then compare that to the lowest price for your brand which can be found on Contacts Advice’s homepage. The price at the sites that offer coupons will still be a lot higher.

For documented examples of this, take a look through this article – 1800contacts Promo Code Will Not Save You Money.

Tip #4 Take Advantage of Volume Discounts

The 3-month supply is much less than 3x the price of the 1-month supply.

Volume discounts save you money and hassle. Most contact lens websites will have different prices for your brand depending on how many boxes you buy at a time. If you always purchase a single box at a time, you will be wasting both your time and money.

To get the best price on contact lenses, always make sure to purchase the largest box size available for your brand because they up being a lot less expensive in the end.

For example, many daily disposable brands are available in both 30-packs and 90-packs. The 90-packs contain 3x more lenses than the 30-packs, but only cost 1.5 – 2.5x (depending on the brand) more than the 30-packs.

Furthermore, if you purchase 4 90-packs per eye, constituting a full year supply, the price will be further reduced compared to only buying 1 90-pack per eye at a time.


Contact lenses don’t have to break your bank. Yes, if you don’t take the time to find the best prices on contact lenses, they will be very expensive. But the good news is that with contact lens price comparison sites like Contacts Advice, finding the best price is easier than ever.


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