Why You NEED to Compare Prices of Contact Lenses Before You Buy

The year is 2018 and if you don’t know how to properly compare prices of contact lenses, you’ll inevitably be spending a lot more money on contact lenses than you need to.

With online shopping becoming an ever-growing phenomenon, it’s a big world out there for the average contact lens wearer just looking to save money on contact lenses.

But not to worry, here at Contacts Advice, we’ve got you covered. So shed off that anxiety and relax because after reading this article, you’ll never over-pay for contact lenses again. Ever.

Now, here’s why you need to compare prices of contact lenses before you buy:

Reason #1:

Most Popular Sites Are Not The Cheapest

The first thing to be aware of when you shop for contact lenses online is that the most popular sites are generally the ones with the highest prices. That’s right, if you’ve ever purchased from 1800contacts, Walgreens, or Coastal, I’m sorry to inform you, but they made a very healthy profit off of you.

When you compare prices of contact lenses, it’s important to go beyond comparing the prices at just the most popular sites.

Most Popuar Contact Lens Websites Are The Most Expensive

Now I know what you’re thinking; if all the contact lens websites I know of are the ‘popular’ ones, how am I going to compare contact lens prices at websites that I don’t even know exists?

Don’t worry, the solution is surprisingly simple!

At Contacts Advice, our goal is to simplify the process of finding the lowest price for every brand of contact lenses prescribed by eye doctors. We’ve already found all the best sites to purchase contact lenses from.

Furthermore, we take the time and tediousness out of performing contact lenses price comparisons at dozens of sites all over the internet.

Here are all the sites that Contacts Advice compares to bring you the lowest prices:

All Site Logos

Click here to head over to Contacts Advice’s Comprehensive Contact Lens Price Comparison table.

There you will find a list of every contact lens brand. Scroll down the page until you’ve located your brand. The price that is listed next to your brand is the current lowest price found across the top 12 best websites to purchase contact lenses online. Simply click on the link and you’ll be taken directly to the site that sells your contact lenses for the lowest price.

Yes, it’s really that simple. No head scratching, no doubting purchasing decision, only the satisfaction of knowing you just saved money!

Reason #2:

The Myth of the ‘Best Site”There is no Best Contact Lens Website - Myth

It is reasonable to assume that somewhere out there, there exists a website that sells every brand of contact lenses at prices that are lower than its competitors.

In a perfect world, this site would exist, I would give you the name of that website, and you would shop there every time you need to re-order your contact lenses.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and there is no such website. Let me repeat that, there is no single website that has the lowest price for every contact lens brand.

This is how it works instead: Certain contact lens websites have the lowest prices for certain brands, and certain other websites have the lowest price for certain other brands.

It’s messy, but that’s the reality. So how does one find the lowest price for their brand in all of this mess?

Easy. They consult a professional contact lens price comparison site like Contacts Advice.

Contacts Advice sorts out the mess for you. We compare prices of contact lenses at the 12 best contact lens websites to uncover which site has the lowest price for every brand of contact lenses. If that sounds like a lot of work to you, well, it is. But we get it done that you don’t have to.

To access the results of Contacts Advice weekly contact lens price comparisons, simply click here to be taken to a chart containing links to the lowest price for every contact lens brand.

Reason #3:

Prices Vary From Week-to-Week

When you first set out to compare prices of contact lenses, did you think that once you found the website with the lowest price for your brand of contact lenses, your search was over?

The truth is that the website that has the lowest price your contact lenses this time may not be the website that has the lowest price for your contact lenses next time.

Contacts Advice has been tracking prices at the top contact lens websites since 2015, and if one thing is glaringly obvious from our data, it’s that prices for contact lenses online change all the time!

Contact Lens Prices Vary From Week to Week

Some contact lens websites adjust their prices up and down by up to 20% on a weekly basis making them the best website for certain brands one week but not the next.

Compare Prices for Contact Lenses Without the Headache

Contact lenses have some of the most inflated prices out of all the items we purchase. For decades people have been forced to pay up to 3 times as much as they had to for contact lenses simply because they didn’t know where to look for the lowest prices.

That has all changed now.

Contacts Advice was founded in 2015 to change the way people think about purchasing their contact lenses. We want to break the shackles of limited choices and confusing price structures.

By visiting Contacts Advice, you instantly know which website has the lowest price for your contact lenses. No more headaches, no more overspending, and no more waste of time.

Click here to be taken to Contacts Advice’s Contact Lens Price Comparison chart and order your contacts today knowing you’re paying the lowest price possible.


Do you have questions about how we compare prices of contact lenses here at Contacts Advice? We’re happy to share exactly how we do it. Leave your questions in your comments below and I’ll personally address your questions.


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