Thealoz Duo Eye Drops – New Drop For Dry Eyes With Contact Lenses

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Have you heard of Thealoz Duo eye drops? Most people haven’t, but if you have dry eyes, especially dry eyes with contact lenses, you should be happy you found out about them! Thealoz Duo is currently by far and away the best performing eye drop on the market. Unfortunately, it can be a little tricky to find. So keep reading!

Thea- What?

Thealoz Duo. I know, it’s a strange name for an eye drop, but don’t let that turn you off, it’s an extremely high quality eye drop.

Before I start telling you more about Thealoz Duo eye drops, let me give you some background on the company that makes Thealoz Duo and some of the other eye drops they make. In the process you’ll understand why all their products seem to have such strange-sounding names.

Laboratiores TheaLaboratoires Thea Logo

Laboratiores Thea is the company that researched and developed Thealoz Duo. They are originally from France, but they sell their products in almost every country around the world through partnerships with other leading companies in the eye care industry.

Now you can start to see why Thealoz Duo is named the way it is. But, there’s more! Keep reading….

Hyabak Eye DropsHyabak eye drops bottle and box

Hyabak eye drops are a brand of eye drops manufactured by Laboratiores Thea. Hyabak in itself a strange name, but commonsense nevertheless with the complete context.

Hyabak eye drops contain 0.15% Sodium Hyaluronate, hence where it gets the ‘Hy’ from. Hyabak eye drops are also packaged in a revolutionary new eye drop bottle called the ABAK bottle (more on this later), which allows for its contents to be preservative free.

Sodium Hyaluronate + ABAK bottle = Hyabak. Makes sense right?

Now back to Thealoz Duo.

Thealoz Eye DropsThealoz eye drops bottle and box

Thealoz eye drops (not Thealoz Duo eye drops) is a different brand of eye drops created by Laboratoires Thea.

The defining feature of Thealoz eye drops is the molecule Trehalose 3%, which has never before been used in an eye drop formulation, and revolutionized the efficiency of eye drops.

Trehalose is a naturally occurring molecule that’s known to have ‘anhydrobiotic’ functions. What this means that it is a molecule used by organisms that can stay alive in the total and complete absence of water.

On human eyes, Trehalose has been shown to stabilize and protect the eye’s protective tear layer from drying out, as well as protecting it from harmful oxidative stress.

Laboratoires Thea + Trehalose = Thealoz. Still following along? We’re almost done!

Thealoz Duo Eye DropsThealoz Duo eye drops bottle and box

After successfully developing 2 high quality brands of eye drops, Laboratoires Thea decided to take Hyabak and Thealoz eye drops and combine them both into one. This incredible combination is what’s known as Thealoz Duo.

And there you have it, that’s where the name came from. Now let me tell you more about Thealoz Duo eye drops and why they are so great for people with dry eyes.

3 Key Features of Thealoz Duo Eyedrops

Thealoz Duo combines 3 features that on their own are not unique to Thealoz Duo, but combined together produce a unique formulation that no other eye drop formulation has.

1. Sodium HyaluronateSodium Hyaluronate

Sodium Hyaluronate is a molecule that is found in various connective tissues of the human body, including connective, epithelial and neural tissue as well as the inside the cornea itself.

The role of sodium hyaluronate in the body is to provide natural lubrication between various bodily tissues, as well as to promote wound healing.

Because of its naturally occurring healing lubricating and healing properties, sodium hyaluronate has been used to treat patients with arthritis, it is used extensively during cataract extraction surgery, and also has many application during plastic surgery procedures to improve outcomes.

Pharmaceutical companies and researchers began testing the efficacy of sodium hyaluronate in eye drops, and although the research results weren’t overwhelmingly convincing, sodium hyaluronate began being added to many new brands of eye drops.

Some sodium hyaluronate eye drops include:

  • Blink Intensive
  • Refresh Optive Fusion (Canada Only)
  • HydraSense
  • Hyabak
  • Thealoz Duo

2. The ABAK bottleABAK bottle

The ABAK bottle is a revolutionary new bottle for eye drops which allows the eye drop formulation to be preservative free. This bottle was invented by Laboratoires THEA, the same company that brought your Hyabak, Thealoz and Thealoz Duo.

Prior to the invention of preservative free eye drop bottle technology, every bottle eye drop formulation had to contain a preservative to keep the eye drops from being contaminated once the bottle was opened. The problem with eye drops containing preservatives is that they can actually cause irritation to the eyes if the drops are used too often. This is decidedly counter-productive for people with irritation due to dry eyes.

Sure, you could point out the fact that preservative free eye drops have been available for decades in little disposable plastic vials called ‘minims‘, but these are very unpractical, wasteful and expensive.

Enter the new generation of preservative free eye drop bottles. These brands now offer the convenience of an eye drop bottle, with all of the health benefits of an eye drop without any harmful preservatives:

  1. Hyabak
  2. Thealoz
  3. Thealoz Duo
  4. HYLO
  7. hydraSense
  8. hydraSense Advanced Dry Eyes
  9. hydraSense Night Therapy

3. Trehalose

Trehalose is a naturally occuring molecule in many different forms of life including different microorganisms, fungii, plants, insects, crustaceans, etc. It serves different functions for different organisms, but it’s most interesting property is to allow certain organisms to survive in the complete absence of water, as well as in completely frozen states.

When trehalose was added to eye drop formulations and tested against other formulations, it was found to provide much higher dry eye relief. The follow are 3 commercially biased-free research studies investigating the effectiveness of eye drops containing trehalose:

Where Can You Buy Thealoz Duo?

This may change in the future, but as of now (April, 2018) Labtician-Thea, the distributors of Laboratoires Thea products in Canada is actively restricting the sale of Thealoz Duo to eye doctor’s offices. That means you won’t be able to pick it up from your local pharmacy.

The upside is that it’s not a prescription eye drop. That means that even though they may only be available at doctor’s offices, you can still just walk in and purchase them without having to buy any other type of service from them (I would assume, anyway). Just make sure you call them first to make sure they carry it.

With that being said, apparently restricting the sales of any products online is very difficult. If you search Amazon for ‘Thealoz Duo’ you will find some listings. These sellers are not official Thealoz Duo vendors, but somehow they got their hands on it and are re-selling them (presumably for a profit, although the prices seem very good nonetheless).

Thealoz Duo on AmazonThe bottom line is, like anything else, do your research and shop intelligently.



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    These eye drops are amazing thanks for writing this article I would have never known about these. Most eye drops I have tried never really helped but these drops are great.

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      Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing your experience with the Thealoz Duo drops. I’m glad they’re working for you 🙂

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