Online contact lens retailers are Playing you! 

…It’s time to beat them at their own game!

Before you buy contact lenses online, you HAVE TO find the lowest price for your brand.

Weather you buy your contacts from your optometrist, from 1800 CONTACTS, Contact Lens King, Vision Direct, etc., you’re getting the exact same product. But you’re not paying the same price.

Online contact lens price change from week to week and from site to site. They’re always changing in order to take advantage of the consumer.

If there was one site that had the lowest price for every brand, that site would get all the business and leave all the other sites in the dust. Instead what they do it constantly change prices around so there is no one clear winner among all online contact lens retailers which results in each of them getting a fair share of your money.

Some online contact lens retailers will offer the best price on certain brands, while over charging you upwards of $100 for your year supply on other brands.


On September 8th 2015, the price of Purevision2 at Contact Lens King and AC Lens was:


Contact Lens King
AC Lens


That’s a difference of $24.04/box, which amounts to a difference of $96.16 on a year supply for the exact same product!

Other sites will constantly change their prices, offering you the lowest price one month, and over charging you the next.


Look at how the price for Air Optix Aqua has been changing on AC Lens:


June 9th 2015
June 21st 2015
July 5th 2015
July 19th 2015
August 12th 2015


It almost doubled in price between June and July!

When I noticed this, I began Contacts Advice to allow everyone who buys contact lenses online to know where they can find their brand for the lowest price on the internet.

Contacts advice always shows you where to find the lowest prices for contacts!