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Can You Get Contact Lenses For Reading Only?
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So you love to read but can’t quite make out the text without squinting or giving yourself a massive headache. You know that you could get yourself a pair of reading glasses but that doesn’t really appeal to you. So … Read More

Contact Lens Subscription Services – Are They Worth It?
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In recent years, there has been a new trend emerging among online contact lens retailers: contact lens subscriptions services. Some websites offer a discounted price if you purchase a contact lens subscription. OtherĀ  websites operate solely on the subscription model. … Read More

“Amazingly Low Prices” Tested – ContactsCart Review
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The contact lens website ContactsCart’s homepage claims “Your favorite contacts. Amazingly low prices.” Ok, I’ll bite! Finding the lowest contact lens prices on the internet is my specialty. In this article I will review ContactsCart and we’ll see just how … Read More

Can LASIK Fix Astigmatism?
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Having a moderate or high amount of astigmatism can seriously affect your vision. Even low amounts of astigmatism can be a real nuisance. We all know that LASIK surgery can help people with nearsightedness get rid of glasses, but can … Read More