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REVIEW of Alcon NEW PRECISION 1 Contact Lenses
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PRECISION 1 ONE-DAY CONTACT LENSES Alcon is doing it again! We’re getting a brand new line of daily disposable contact lenses by the contact lens giant called PRECISION 1 ONE-DAY CONTACT LENSES.   As of now (November 2019), Alcon is … Read More

How To Buy Contact Lenses Online The RIGHT Way
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Buying contact lenses online allows you the convenience of never having to leave you home while getting your contact lenses at the best price possible. But if you don’t know how to buy contact lenses online you could be missing … Read More

Best Brands of Daily Colored Contact Lenses
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It can be fun to change the color of our eyes once in a while. For the occasional eye color changer it’s ideal to use daily colored contact lenses. In this article I will review the different option out there … Read More

A Guide For Your First Time Wearing Contact Lenses
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Your first time wearing contact lenses can be little scary, especially if you’re not sure what to expect and what to do if things go wrong. In this guide, you will learn everything that a first-time contact lens wearer needs … Read More

How To Find The Best Contact Lens Deals Online
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The best contact lens deals are unquestionably found on the internet, but they’re not where most people think they are. There are now dozens and dozens of websites that sell contact lenses online and they all claim to offer the … Read More

Where To Find The Best Contact Lens Prices Online
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Contacts Advice’s Contact Lens Website Price Index has been created to show which website has the best contact lens prices online. Since 2015, I have been comparing contact lens prices across all the major contact lens websites. What I learned … Read More