What Are The Most Inexpensive Contact Lenses Online?

We all know that contact lenses are not the most affordable vision care products, even when you use Contacts Advice to find the lowest price for your brand. So in this article I’m going to reveal the absolute most inexpensive contact lenses online.

No, it’s not gimmick

Now if you think that it’s some kind of flash deal, or they can only be obtained with a valid discount code, nope. This brand always goes for the same price. No flash sales and volume discounts, no coupon codes.

No, they are not an ancient brand

Generally speaking, older contact lens brands are less expensive than the newer ones. But rest assured that the most inexpensive contact lenses online are not some ancient brand that no one uses anymore.

No, they are not terrible quality

Unfortunately we often equate the price of a product with its quality. Sometimes that’s true. In fact, that’s often true. But in this case it couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s right, the most inexpensive contact lenses online are actually very high quality and made by one of the leaders and founders of daily disposable contact lenses.

No, they are not a yearly or quarterly brand

A long time ago we had contact lenses that we practically never threw away. We just kept reusing them same pair for months and months and months and somehow we thought that was a good idea. Those days are long gone! In fact it may surprise you that the most inexpensive contact lenses online aren’t even monthly or bi-weekly disposable.

They are high quality, daily disposable contact lenses!

So what are they?

The Most Inexpensive Contact Lenses Online

DaySoft Classic and Silk Contact Lenses Boxes

DaySoft daily disposable contact lenses are the most inexpensive contact lenses online.

How inexpensive?

Price of DaySoft

Only $7.99 per box (32 lenses)!
That’s $15.98 for 32 pairs of daily disposable contact lenses!
That’s 50¢ per pair!

How inexpensive is that?

It may be difficult to fully comprehend just how inexpensive DaySoft daily disposable contact lenses are without comparing them to other contact lens brands you thought were inexpensive.


DaySoft Contact Lenses Comparison

Hubble Comparison




$7.99 per box (32 lenses) $18 per box (30 lenses)
$15.98 for 32 pairs  $36 for 30 pairs
50¢ per pair $1.20 per pair
cash icon two and two fifths cash icons


DaySoft Contact Lenses Comparison

Dailies AquaComfort Plus Comparison




$7.99 per box (32 lenses) $29.89 per box (90 lenses)
$15.98 for 32 pairs  $59.78 for 90 pairs
50¢ per pair 66¢ per pair
cash icon one and one third cash icons


DaySoft Contact Lenses Comparison

Soflen Daily Disposable Comparison



SofLens Daily

$7.99 per box (32 lenses) $25.95 per box (90 lenses)
$15.98 for 32 pairs  $51.90 for 90 pairs
50¢ per pair 58¢ per pair
cash icon one and a bit cash icon

Keep in mind that I know where to find the lowest price for every brand!

While Hubble has a fixed price, the price of Dailies AquaComfort Plus and SofLens Daily Disposable varies wildly from website to website. The price I used in the comparisons above are the lowest prices on the internet for those brands. So although they seems to compare somewhat in price with DaySoft, they would actually be much more expensive if you took their average price across all contact lens websites.

Don’t worry, it’s not a secret!

I do hundreds of price checks at all the top contact lens websites to undercover the lowest price for every brand and I post all the results right here on Contacts Advice for everybody to see.

Not sure if you’ve been getting your contact lenses for the lowest possible price? Just head over to Contacts Advice’s homepage and scroll down until you find your brand!

Julie of Contacts Advice
Hi, my name is Julie. I started Contacts Advice to help save contact lens wearers money.

Did You Know?

Prices for contact lenses fluctuate from week to week and from website to website. This means that most people overpay for their already expensive contact lenses.

Contacts Advice compares the price of contact lenses across 10 different websites to undercover the lowest price for every brand.

By consulting Contacts Advice before purchasing your contact lenses you are sure to be paying the absolutely lowest price for your contact lenses!

Use the yellow buttons on the left to look up the lowest price for your brand, or head to ContactsAdvice.com/Lowest-Prices

DaySoft Contact Lenses


Material Water Content Dk (breathability) Base Curve Diameter Power Range UV Protection Edge Design
Filcon II 2 58% 26 8.6mm 14.2mm  -12.50 to +8.00 UV inhibitor* Soft-Edge

* No information is provided regarding % of UVA and UVB blocked.

No Taxes, No Handling Fee, No Duties, No Processing Fee

If you’re skeptical about the price of DaySoft contact lenses, I don’t blame you. It is a little mind blowing. But here a screenshot of me ordering 2 boxes of DaySoft Silk. This is the final checkout page, where all applicable fees have been added.

Screenshot of Checkout for DaySoft Contact LensesNote that in the above screenshot there is a shipping fee but no taxes, no handling fees, processing fees, duties, etc.

Are DaySoft Contact Lenses Safe?

Unlike many overseas (particularly from Asia) contact lens manufacturers, DaySoft is extremely transparent about all of the quality requirements and regulatory processes they adhere to.

To read more about how they are regulated, you can read about it here.

What’s The Difference Between DaySoft SILK and DaySoft CLASSIC?

The only difference is the solution that the contact lenses are packaged in.

SILK refers to a solution with added moisturizing agents to help keep the contact lenses comfortable throughout the day. Whereas the CLASSIC solution is simple saline with no added agents.

Both DaySoft SILK and DaySoft CLASSIC are the same price.

Difference between DaySoft SILK and DaySoft Classic

DaySoft Limitations

No Astigmatism Correction

DaySoft contact lenses are spherical, meaning they are not for anybody with a contact lens prescription for astigmatism. As far as I am aware, they are not planning to launch an astigmatism version anytime soon.

Not Available in Stores

DaySoft can only be ordered online. You will not be able to order these in stores anywhere. Yes, that means that you’ll have to wait a few days for shipping, but on the bright side that’s why their prices are so low (no retail/middleman mark-ups).

What do you think?

Now that you know what the most inexpensive contact lenses online are, are you going to try them? Have you already tried them in the past? If so I would love to hear about your experience with them. Please let me know in the comments below :)

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