REVIEW of NEW TOTAL30 Monthly Contact Lenses by Alcon

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Alcon has done it again! They have released a brand new monthly replacement contact lens called TOTAL30. The name is a nod to Alcon’s highly successful daily contact lens DAILIES TOTAL1, and although there are some similarities between the two, … Read More

Contact Lens Subscription Services – Are They Worth It?

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In recent years, there has been a new trend emerging among online contact lens retailers: contact lens subscriptions services. Some websites offer a discounted price if you purchase a contact lens subscription. Other  websites operate solely on the subscription model. … Read More

Where To Find The Best Contact Lens Prices Online

Contacts Advice’s Contact Lens Website Price Index has been created to show which website has the best contact lens prices online. Since 2015, I have been comparing contact lens prices across all the major contact lens websites. What I learned … Read More

Revealing Hubble Contacts Review – Quality, Price, Service

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In this Hubble Contacts Review, I will discuss every aspect of Hubble Contacts, from the quality of their contact lenses, their price compared to other brands, and the services they provide. If you’re thinking of buying Hubble Contacts, this review … Read More

Is Hubble Contacts in Canada A Good Deal?

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Hubble Contacts seems to be exploding in popularity. So much so that it is now expanding into different countries. Now, Hubble Contacts is in Canada, but is it a good deal for Canadians? What is Hubble Contacts? For anyone who … Read More

Can You Convert a Contact Lens Prescription To Glasses?

This article explores the topic of whether or not it is possible to convert a contact lens prescription to a glasses prescription. A prescription for glasses is not the same as a prescription for contact lenses. The differences in how … Read More

Order Contact Lenses Without a Prescription

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This article explains how you can order contact lenses without a prescription. It is now easier than ever to order contact lenses online. However, contact lens websites in the United States are required to verify your prescription before you they … Read More

1800Contacts Promo Code Will Not Save You Money!

It is reasonable to think that finding a good 1800contacts promo code will save you money on your contact lenses this year, but it won’t. In this article, I will show you why, and how to actually save a ton … Read More

Top 5 Extended Wear Contact Lenses Brands

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Extended wear contact lenses brands are brands that are approved for overnight wear, meaning that you can sleep with your contact lenses. In this article I will list the top 5 extended wear contact lens brands. Why Extended Wear Contact … Read More

HYLO Eye Drops – The Revolution in Artificial Tears

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HYLO eye drops by CandorVision have revolutionized the way we use eye drops. For decades, eye drops have always been stuffed into the same dropper bottles that all have the same problems: Once opened, they are prone to contamination They … Read More

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