Best Places to Buy Travel Size Contact Lens Solution

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Contact lenses are convenient, but there is nothing convenient about lugging around giant bottles of cleaning solution when you travel. In this article, I review the top brands of travel-size contact lens solution and show you where you can find them for the lowest price.

travel size contact lens solution
Travel-size contact lens solution

Ditch the Contact Lens Solution Altogether

travel size contact lens solution - contact lens solution bottles
Common contact lens cleaning solution brands.

If you’ve already considered all the pros and cons of daily contact lenses and decided that they were not right for you, skip the next few paragraphs.

If haven’t given much thought to switching to daily disposable contact lenses, keep reading.

Daily disposable contact lenses takes the convenience of contact lenses to a whole new level. They will save you time, effort, and is some instances, they can even save you money!

Advantages of Daily Contact Lenses

1. No need to clean your lenses.

The reason you’re looking for travel-size contact lens solution in the first place is because of the hassles involved in cleaning your contact lenses every night. With daily disposable contact lenses, instead of cleaning them you throw your contacts away at the end of the day. How convenient is that?

2. No need to purchase contact lens solution

With daily disposable contact lenses, not only do you save save time on cleaning your contact lenses, you also save the time having to shop for contact lens solution. Nobody likes reaching the bottom of their contact lens solution bottle in the middle of cleaning their lenses and having to make a trip to the pharmacy to re-stock.

You also don’t have to scour the internet looking for the best deals on travel-size contact lens solution… Not that I mind you being on this site, I’m just saying :p

3. No need to carry solution with you when you travel

Daily disposable contact lenses
Daily disposable contact lenses

As you know, traveling with contact lenses can be a pain. The contacts themselves are small enough to be tucked away somewhere in your baggage without being too much of a nuisance, but the solution is bulky and heavy.

With daily contact lenses you do have to take along a few more pairs, but overall it doesn’t take up nearly as much space or weight in your luggage as bottles of contact lens solution.

4. They are better for the health of your eyes

Compared to monthly contact lenses, daily contact lenses have a myriad of health and comfort benefits. I won’t go into all of them here because this section is already too long (this article suppose to be about travel-size contact lens solution!), but you can read all about them in this article I previously wrote about daily contact lenses.

Disadvantages of Daily Contact Lenses

The main disadvantage of daily contact lenses is that they cost more than monthly ones. Sometimes a lot more. But if you recall, a little earlier I mentioned that in some instances switching to daily contact lenses can actually save you money.

If you’d like me to look at the numbers to see if you could save money by switching to daily contacts, I give free contact lens price consults for just this sort of thing. Simply leave me a message in the comments below with your current brand and I’ll let you know if you could save money with daily contact lenses or not.

Ok, Now Onto Travel-Size Contact Lens Solution!

Your typical bottles of contact lens solution are 10-12 FL OZ. So let’s take a look at bottles are 2-3 FL OZ.

1. Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Travel Kit

travel size contact lens solution - Bausch Lomb Biotrue travel kit

Biotrue multi-purpose solution is one of the leading brands of contact lens solution. Formulated by Bausch + Lomb, it was modeled after how your eyes actually clean and hydrate themselves to stay healthy. As far as contact lens solutions, Biotrue is one of the most unique and innovative on the market, providing the best clean and comfort.

Some outstanding features of Biotrue multi-purpose solution:

  • Contains a lubricant found naturally in your eyes
  • Matches the pH of healthy tears
  • Keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active

Ingredients: Hyaluronan, Sulfobetaine, Poloxamine, Boric Acid, Sodium Borate, Edetate Disodium, Sodium Chloride, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (0.00013%), Polyquaternium (0.0001%)

Click here to learn more about Bausch + Lomb Biotrue solution.

Website Price Free Shipping Shipping Fee Contact Lens Case
Walmart $2.97 Orders over $35 $5.99 Included
Walgreens $3.99 Orders over $35 $5.99 Included
CVS $4.39 Orders over $49 $5.49 Included

2. Opti-Free Puremoist Trial Kit

travel size contact lens solution - Alcon Opti-Free puremoist

Opti-Free is one of the most recognized contact lens solution brands. It has had many different iterations in the past such as Opti-Free Express Everyday Comfort, Opti-Free Express Lasting Comfort, Opti-Free Replenish, etc. Opti-Free Puremoist is the latest and best formula from this brand.

Website Price Free Shipping Shipping Fee Contact Lens Case
Amazon $2.35 No $2.49 NOT included
Walmart $2.97 Orders over $35 $5.99 Included
Walgreens $3.59 Orders over $35 $5.99 NOT included
CVS $3.89 Orders over $49 $5.49 NOT included

3. Clear Care Triple Action Travel Packtravel size contact lens solution - Clear Care Travel Pack

Clear care is a hydrogen peroxide based contact lens solution. This type of system is different than typical multi-purpose solutions such Biotrue and Opti-free. Make sure you know how to use hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution before you try this product.

You may notice that this product is slighted more expensive than the others on this list. That is because it is 100% preservative free and it is considered to offer the best clean for contact lenses.

Learn more about Clear Care here.

Website Price Free Shipping Shipping Fee Contact Lens Case
Walmart $5.29 Orders over $35 $5.99 Included
Walgreens $7.79 Orders over $35 $5.99 Included
CVS $6.99 Orders over $49 $5.49 Included

4. Bausch + Lomb Renu Travel Kittravel size contact lens solution - renu travel kit

Renu was Bausch + Lomb’s staple contact lens cleaning solution for years before they invented their Biotrue formula. It performs all the essential functions you would expect form your contact lens solution:

  • Keeps your contact lenses comfortable throughout the month
  • Cleans, disinfects and removes protein deposits from your contact lenses
  • Can store you contact lenses for up to 30 days
  • Available in convenient travel packs
  • Both the box and bottle are made from 100% clean, recycled material
Website Price Free Shipping Shipping Fee Contact Lens Case
Walmart N/A online N/A online N/A online N/A online
Walgreens $3.79 Orders over $35 $5.99 NOT included
CVS $4.39 Orders over $49 $5.49 NOT included


Do you have a different go-to travel size contact lens solution? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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