Best Places to Buy Biotrue Contact Lens Solution

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Biotrue Contact Lens SolutionWe all know that contact lenses are not cheap, which is why we should always look for the lowest price for our contact lenses before we place an order. But the expenses don’t end there. For our contact lenses to remain clear and comfortable, we have to make sure clean them well every night.

This requires the use of contact lens cleaning solution, which will add the total amount of dollars you spend on contact lenses and contact lens care throughout the year. That it why it is equally important to price shop when looking for contact lens cleaning solution as well.

This article will outline the best places for you to buy contact lens solution.

For the purpose of this article, I will be comparing the product Biotrue Contact Lens Solution 10 FL OZ, 2-pack at various outlets, ordered from best to worst.

Why Biotrue Contact Lens Solution?

Biotrue Contact Lens SolutionBiotrue multi-purpose solution is one of the leading brands of contact lens solution. Formulated by Bausch + Lomb, it was modeled after how your eyes actually clean and hydrate themselves to stay healthy. As far as contact lens solutions, Biotrue is one of the most unique and innovative on the market, providing the best clean and comfort.

Some outstanding features of Biotrue multi-purpose solution:

  • Contains a lubricant found naturally in your eyes
  • Matches the pH of healthy tears
  • Keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active

Package includes 2 (10 oz) bottles and a lens case

Ingredients: Hyaluronan, Sulfobetaine, Poloxamine, Boric Acid, Sodium Borate, Edetate Disodium, Sodium Chloride, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (0.00013%), Polyquaternium (0.0001%)

Here’s a short video that further describes this product:

And now, for where you can purchase this product for the lowest price.

1. Amazon: $14.34

As mentioned above, Amazon sells Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses (Pack of 2) 10FL.OZ for $14.34.

Nowadays, Amazon has developed a lot of tricks and gimmicks to help them attract new customers. It’s hard to order anything from Amazon without being offered all sorts of extra services and rewards programs, cards, etc. If you don’t mind all of that stuff, it’s a decent place to buy contact lens solution.

Amazon is known for selling products for less brick and mortar stores, but Contacts Advice still beats their price by over 40%!

2. Walmart: $14.74

When you think of low prices, do you think of Walmart? A lot people do, and for many things they are right. In the case of Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses (Pack of 2) 10FL.OZ, it is relatively inexpensive at $14.74.

However, as I’m writing this article, Walmart seems to be on backorder for this product. Reliability may be a factor with this site.

Biotrue Contact Lens Solution

3. Target $14.79

Target sells Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses (Pack of 2) 10FL.OZ for about the same price as Walmart and Amazon.

Similar to Amazon, Target has multiple offers that can save you a bit of money, but they involve you signing up and subscribing to various things. If you are a frequent Target shopper, learning more about these offers may benefit you, but for most people just looking for the best deal, they’re just money grabs.

4. Walgreens: $18.99

Walgreens is an enormous retailer of contact lens solution. They offer Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses (Pack of 2) 10FL.OZ for $18.99.

Similar to what Amazon does, if you add more items to your order and reach a total of $35 or more, Walgreens will ship to your house for free. This is convenient if you happen to need a lot of things from Walgreens, but otherwise, it’s how they get you to try to spend more money.

5. ACLens: $30

Given all of the better options listed above, I don’t recommend anybody purchase their solution from ACLens. I am simply including it in this list for comparison and to point out the importance of price shopping before you purchase your contact lens solution (or anything else for that matter).

As you can see form this list, Contacts Advice beats all of the major players to bring you the lowest price possible for Biotrue Contact Lens Solution. Save some money and order your supply now!

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