Dailies TOTAL1 Review – The Breakthrough in Comfort and Saftey

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Product: Dailies TOTAL1 by Alcon
Price:  $39.00/30-pack or $95.00/90-pack

Dailies TOTAL1 Product Review

Dailies TOTAL1 30-pack
Dailies TOTAL1 30-pack

Contact lenses have been around for a long time now. And every now and then there will be a breakthrough in technology that takes contact lenses to a while new level. Dailies TOTAL1 is the first

contact lens of its kind and based one of these breakthroughs in technology. It is different than any other lens on the market, and it is by far the most comfortable and healthiest contact lens out there right now. I will be taking you through the features and benefits of this lens, as well as it’s only pitfall (in my opinion).

Why do conventional contact lenses become uncomfortable?

What can make contact lenses feel uncomfortable is when the the surface of the contact lenses dry out and start to create friction on your eye/eyelids. Different brands address this issue in different ways. They adjust the water content of their lenses and develop surface treatments to prevent surface dryness. However, over the course of the life of the contacts, the surface treatment wears off, and water content of the lenses can only be increased so much until the lenses lose their structural integrity.

How are Dailies TOTAL1 lenses different?

Dailies TOTAL1 are the world’s first and (as of now) only water gradient lens. They solved the problem of dryness and discomfort by finding a way to alter the water content of the lens throughout its thickness profile. At the core of the contact lens, the water content is 33% (low). But at the inner and outer surface, the water content increases to >80%, and close to 100% at the very outer surface! The 33% water content at the core allows the lens to be soft and flexible while maintaining its shape, and >80% water content at the surfaces allows the lens to glide practically free of friction on the surface of your eye and under your eyelids. This results in revolutionary comfort and because it’s a daily lenses, the lenses never get or wear out throughout the month.

Check out this promotional video by the makers of Dailies TOTAL1:

Is it for everyone?

Inserting ContactAnyone can wear this lens, however, this lens will benefit people who experience dryness with their contact lenses, the most. Generally, teenagers and young adults who have very healthy eyes will be comfortable with any lens. But for people who experience dry eyes, or have developed contact lens intolerance due to contact lens overwear, they will notice a huge difference with Dailies TOTAL1. With that being said, you don’t have to have dry eyes to wear Dailes TOTAL1. If you are health conscious and simply want the best lenses on the market, this is the one.

What is its one pitfall?

It has limited parameters. Because it still a new lens on the market, there is no astigmatism correction available, there is no multifocal available, and there are no ‘plus’ powers available, meaning they cannot be worn by far-sighted people. Currently, the Dailies TOTAL1 are only for near-sighted people who have prescriptions between 0 and -10.00D.


In my experience, the main reason most people drop out of contact lenses is because of discomfort, usually from having over-worn their contact lenses to the point where their eyes can no longer tolerate them. With Dailies TOTAL1, this can avoided. They are so smooth at the surfaces that they do not negatively affect the health of your eyes. This lens has allowed people who could not previously tolerate contact lenses for more than a couple of hours, to be able to wear them for an entire day and forget that they’re even wearing contact lenses at all! There was a lot of hype around this lens when it was released, and it has certainly lived up to it. The Dailies TOTAL1 lens is unquestionably the most advanced contact lens on the market.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you would like to ask a question or leave your own personal review for the Dailies TOTAL1, you’re more than welcome to post it in the comments section below.

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