Contact Lenses Brand Selection Guide


Hopefully this Contact Lens Brand Selection Guide has been helpful in choosing the right contact lenses for you.

Once You’ve Selected the Perfect Brand…

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Do You Have Astigmatism?

The first step in the process of selecting the right brand of contact lenses is to determine whether or not you have a significant amount of astigmatism. Here’s how you do that:

  • Take a look at your prescription for glasses. Do you see a number in the ‘Cylinder’ box for either the right or the left eye?
    • If you do… you have some astigmatism.
      • If your ‘Cylinder’ number is less than -0.75 (i.e., -0.25 or -0.50), then you don’t need a contact lens for astigmatism!
      • If your ‘Cylinder’ number is -0.75 or higher, you will need a contact lens for astigmatism!
    • If you don’t… you don’t have any astigmatism!

Choose Your Modality

Next, you need to choose how often you would like to replace your lenses. You have 3 choices:

Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Generally speaking…

  • Daily replacement lenses are best for:
    • Someone who only wears contacts occasionally (less than half the days of the week).
    • People tend to inadequately clean their monthly/biweekly lenses.
    • People who have had contact lens related health issues in the past.
    • People who enjoy doing waters ports.
  • Biweekly/Monthly lenses are best for:
    • People who wear their contacts often (more that half the days of the week).
    • People who are responsible and effective at cleaning their lenses.
    • People who are on a budget.

What’s Your Yearly Budget?

The price for your contacts with depend on your prescription and your desired modality. The more specialize the contacts, the more they will cost. The most basic kind of contact lenses are the monthly spherical (no astigmatism) lenses.

The following things all increase the cost of contact lenses:

  • Astigmatism correction
  • Having more frequent replacement lenses
  • More comfortable/breathable materials
  • Color contacts
  • UV protection
  • Any combination of the above features