Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys 1-Day Review

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Acuvue Oasys 1-Day with HydraLuxeProduct: Acuvue Oasys 1-Day by Johnson & Johnson

Type: Daily, Spherical (not for astigmatism)

Available in: 90-pack

Cost: $88.50/box

Johnson & Johnson has finally released (in the USA and Canada so far) its much anticipated Acuvue Oasys 1-Day lens. Johnson & Johnson has always been a leader at producing contact lenses that emphasize comfort, and now they have taken it to a whole new level.


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History Behind Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys 1-Day

The Acuvue line of contact lenses has been extensive and started all the way back in 1998. Over the years we have seen Acuvue, Acuvue 2, Acuvue Advance, Acuvue 2 Colors, Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism, Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia, Acuvue TruEye, Acuvue 1-Day Moist, Acuvue 1-Day Moist for Astigmatism, Acuvue 1-Day Moist Multifocal, Acuvue 1-Day Define (5 different styles), and now Acuvue Oasys 1-Day.

As the demands in our daily lives change over the years, contact lenses also have to change in order to meet those demands. In recent years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the workplace to using computers almost all day long. For contact lens wearers this causes tired dry eyes by the end of the day, and unfortunately, many people end up dropping out of contact lenses because of it.

When Johnson & Johnson poured half a billion dollars into research & development for the Acuvue Oasys 1-Day, they made sure to find out the root cause of what makes our eyes feel to dry and tired when we’re at the computer all day long, and they built a contact lens that addressed that root cause.

What they found was this:

  • When we blink, it requires energy
  • The surface of most contact lenses are not perfectly smooth
  • Blinking over-top a rough surface requires more energy than blinking over-top a smooth surface
  • Since we blink ~14,000 times per day, our eyes start to feel very tired if we’re wearing a rough contact lens

Think of this analogy:

For those who enjoy winter sports, it is easier to skate on the smooth ice of a freshly made indoor rink, or the rough ice of a frozen lake or pond?

For those who have never skated, think of it this way, is it easier to go down a water slide with water running though it, or without?

The principle is the same for when we blink. It is much easier for our eyes to blink if the contact lenses we’re wearing are wet and smooth, as opposite to if they are dry and rough.

So Johnson & Johnson made Acuvue Oasys 1-Day the smoothest lenses ever manufactured to date.Acuvue Oasys 1-Day For Demanding Days

Features and Benefits of Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys 1-Day Lens

The reason why this lens is named after Acuvue Oasys is because they actually share the same material. But the similarities end there. Acuvue Oasys and Acuvue Oasys 1-Day are completely different lenses. The biggest difference is that the 1-Day version uses something called HydraLuxe Technology to achieve it’s-top-of-the-line smoothness.

The HydraLuxe Technology uses:

  1. Enhanced moisture network to prevent the lenses from drying out
  2. Tear-like molecules to match the biology of your eyes
  3. Hydrated silicone to make the lenses extremely breathable
  4. Tighter matrix that makes the lenses as smooth as possible

Just like very other Acuvue product before it, the Oasys 1-Day provides UV protection (>99% of UVB & >90% of UVA). This means that you can be outdoors without sunglasses and your eyes will still be protected form the harmful effects of UV rays such as increased risk of premature cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal disease, and so on.

Additional ways in which Acuvue Oasys 1-Day is improved:

  • Optimized packing solution for less chance of stinging upon insertion
  • Enlarged optic zone to reduce problems of nighttime glare
  • Increased diameter for better comfort
  • Daily disposable – click here to read all the benefits of daily disposable contact lenses

Acuvue Oasys 1-Day Price

Johnson & Jonhson has in place (in the USA) for all of its contact lenses something called a unilateral pricing policy (UPP). That means that no retailer can sell any Johnson & Johnson contact lenses for less than the price floor they set. This means that essentially every website will sell these lenses for the same price.

The cost has been set at $88.50 per box containing 90 lenses. To make up a year supply of lenses (1 pair for every day of the year), you would need a total of 8 boxes (4 for each eye).

How many boxes you need depends on how often you plan to wear the lenses. Here is how I break it down for my customers:

If you plan to wear the lenses:

  • 6-7 days/week: Get a full year supply (8 boxes)
  • 3-5 days/week: Get half a year supply (4 boxes)
  • 1-2 days/week: Get a 3 month supply (2 boxes)

Where To Get Acuvue Oasys 1-Day

Being as it’s the same price price everywhere, why not get a little more for your money? I recommend the site because with every purchase of a year supply of contact lenses, they automatically send you a coupon for a free pair of glasses (valued at $39 dollars)!

At, you also get:39dollarglasses

  • Free shipping on order above $99 (that means free shipping for your contacts)
  • No handling fees
  • 100% Worry Free Guarantee
  • Free returns
  • Excellent customer service – I use their live chat often when I want to find something out about their policies.
==> Click Here To Get Acuvue Oasys 1-Day And Your Complimentary Glasses <==

Thanks for reading!


24 Responses

  1. Michel
    | Reply

    Interesting article.
    I have been considering getting contacts for a while now, as I keep forgetting my glasses, and they are a pain to wear if you are active.

    Do the disposables work out more expensive over the long run? I know with the others you have to buy solution, so I wondered which is the best option.

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hi Michel! Great question. Whether daily disposables are more expensive than monthly disposable contact lenses depends on how often you wear them. If you wear contacts every day, then yes the daily disposables are more expensive. If you only wear them about half the week, then the two are roughly equivalent. If you only wear contacts 1-2 times per week, then daily contacts can actually be less expensive than monthly ones. There are a lot of different factors involved, that in general, that’s the case.

  2. Roopesh
    | Reply

    Hi There.

    Thanks for an awesome review of these lenses.

    My wife just started to wear contact lens. So, we are relatively new to this whole thing.

    It’s seems like this is just the right product for her. She complains that her eye gets itching, and scratchy by afternoon time.

    Sometimes, it even gets red and sore, so she has to take out the lens and rest her eyes.

    We are going to try this product.Is there any other tips that you can offer to us, we would be highly grateful for any other information that is forthcoming.

    Thank You

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hi Roopesh! Based on what you mentioned I do think this lens will help your wife feel more comfortable with contact lenses throughout the day. When I tested this lens myself, I put one in my left eye, and I didn’t put anything in my right eye to see if I could feel the difference. And the throughout the day, my left eye actually felt LESS dry than the eye not wearing any contacts!

      The only tip I would off is that if your wife is very prone to dryness, she could add a drop artificial tear a few times per day to add extra moisture and lubrication to her eyes. Check out this article for my top recommended eye drops for contact lens wearers.

  3. Julius
    | Reply

    This is definitely an awesome innovation and you have good information here.

    But come on, one day lenses? That seems really weird to me. There are lenses for a whole month and it seems a bit more convenient I sould say.

    And they’re really pricy too, 90 bucks for contacts is a fortune.

    Great review though, keep it up.

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hi Julius! There are both advantages and disadvantages to daily disposables and monthly contact lenses. In my opinion, daily contact lenses are better for the overall health of your eyes, as well as convenience since you can completely eliminate the cleaning portion out of your contact lens routine. For more information about the advantages of daily disposable contacts of monthlies, check out this article.

  4. Anna
    | Reply

    Hi Julie,

    So great to have come across your site! I have been wearing contact lenses for many years and I am almost out so I need to get more. I used to wear Acuvue Oasys all the time but didn’t know they have 1-Day disposables now.

    I’m assuming the price is in USD? (I live in Canada). Thanks so much for this wonderful review!

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hi Anna! I am also Canadian :)

      And lucky for us, Acuvue Oasys 1-Day is now available in Canada too. It was launched in the US (last year), and Canada is only the second country to get this brand.

      $88.50 is the price in the USA. In Canada is runs for around $95 for a box of 90 currently.

  5. cristina
    | Reply

    Hello there, very nice and informative site. I really didn’t know it was so important for the surface of the lenses to be smooth. Sometimes when I am wearing contact lenses they feel so uncomfortable and my eyes get tired.

    I’m glad I found your site because I saw you give some good information not only about what lenses are good but also how to take care of them, that’s very important. Thank you very much for your information.


    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hi Christina, thanks for the feedback on my site. I’m happy to have you as a reader, and do try the Acuvue Oasys -Day lenses, I think you will really feel the difference!

  6. Mara
    | Reply

    Hi Julie,
    This article really meant something to me. Unfortunately I have astigmatism, so they wouldn’t be suitable for me personally. However, I think you have covered one of the main things I have struggled with for years with my lenses – working at the computer for long periods! It has taken me more than 10 years and a change in Optician, but now I finally have a type that is comfortable. You can’t underestimate how much of a difference this makes to my everyday life! I love the analogy you made with the skaters – your eyes can feel very rough at the end of the day if you don’t have the right lenses. These ones made by Johnson & Johnson sound great for the majority of lens wearers.

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hi Mara, thanks for your comment. I use to have astigmatism too and I found it so limiting when it came to contact lenses. I had LASIK now so I don’t need them anymore. But I’m curious, what brand do you wear now?

  7. LMN
    | Reply

    Very interesting read about the Acuvue line of contacts. I had no ideas that we blink 14,000 times per day. Loved the analogy about the smooth indoor ice rink vs. a rough frozen lake or pond! The Acuvue Oasys 1-Day Lens looks top of the line and a good deal!

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Yeah, I’ve had really good feedback so far from the patients at my clinic who have tried it. Looks like it’s really living up to its reputation!

  8. Ray
    | Reply

    Hi Julie, thanks for the great info about 1-day lenses. I’ve been using 30-days disposable lenses for a few years now, purely because I was told I could sleep with them continuously up to 30 days. But I never do, I have tried in the beginning which made my eyes terribly dry. So I take them out and soak/disinfect every night.

    Occasionally I have an afternoon nap over the weekend (again I never sleep with them even for an hour) – can I have a few hours sleep with 1-day lenses in?

    I suppose it’s handy and much more hygienic than continuous wear lenses…?

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hey Ray! The lenses that intended for overnight use do not work for everybody. For you to be able to continuously sleep with your contact lenses for up to 1 month, you have to be the perfect candidate, and very few people actually qualify. And if you’re using those lenses, but not sleeping in them, then you are paying a feature of the lens which you are not able to use.

      If you wear a high quality daily lens like the Acuvue Oasys 1-Day lens, you can probably get away with short naps in them. When I test new lenses on myself, I make it a point to nap in them to see how they feel. The Acuvue Oasys 1-Day lenses did not bother me after my ~30min nap with them, but keep in mind that everybody will react different to this.

      In general, you’re not suppose to nap with them, but it if happens from time to time, it’s not too problematic. If you routinely take naps in the middle of your day, you can actually remove the lenses before your nap and re-insert them after. You’ll need a case and proper contact lens solution for this. Just make sure you don’t wear the lenses for longer that 1 day.

  9. Xander
    | Reply

    Hi Julie,

    Really interesting and thorough review on J&J Acuvue Oasys 1 day contact lenses. I have been wearing the same brand since the day I first stated wearing contact lenses, almost 11 years now. I never really thought they put so much research and tech into contact lens design. These seem great and might have to give it a try as I suffer a bit from dry eyes, as I sit in front of the computer the whole day.

    I see that you mention that you are not able to wear them longer that one day. I’m a little lazy when it comes to eye care, am I able to leave them in for longer than a day?

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hi Xander, given that you have never changed brands, I would suspect you are in a pretty old brand. There is not much better out there for you.

      If you wear daily lenses, you should absolutely not wear them for longer than one day. These lenses are actually ideal for people who “lazy” about eye care, because daily lenses don’t have to be cleaned and stored. They can just simply be tossed away at the end of the day.

      You should give the Acuvue Oasys 1-Day a try!

  10. Pim de Groot
    | Reply

    I agree that this is one of acuvue best lenses especially if you have dry eyes, problem is that in the Netherlands they are very hard to get, any recommendations where I can get them with international shipping are very welcome

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hi Pim, I don’t know all the sites that offer international shipping, but is certainly one of them. Check out their international shipping prices here:

  11. Lesli
    | Reply

    I have been wearing Acuvue Trueye 1 Day’s for several years. I have them in monovision. The new Ophthalmologist I visited switched me over to Acuvue Moist. When I blink, the left eye is blurry for a second and then my eye focuses. I did not have this problem with the Trueye.

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hi Lesli, thanks for your comment.

      Do you know if your new ophthalmologist also changed the power in the contact lenses? Or did he just switch the brand without touching the power?

      And just out of curiosity, do you notice any difference in comfort between the two brands, or just the blur issue that you mentioned?

  12. Gaby
    | Reply


    I am a regular daily contact lens wearer using 1 day Acuvue Moist for years. Are these ones better?



    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hi Gaby,

      On this particular brand, unfortunately, I cannot speak from personal experience because I have never tried the Acuvue Oasys 1-Day lenses. I can certainly tell you that Johnson & Johnson (the makers of all Acuvue products) thinks that their Acuvue Oasys 1-Day lenses are more comfortable and breathable than their Acuvue 1-Day Moist lenses.

      Whether or not this holds true for all people… well it almost certainly does not. But I would hope that the majority of people who switch from Acuvue 1-Day Moist to Acuvue Oasys 1-Day would prefer the Acuvue Oasys 1-Day.

      Also keep in mind that, as I’m sure you know, the Acuvue Oasys 1-Day lenses are more expensive.

      Do you have any particular reason for wanting to change brands?

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