Where is the Focus Dailies Best Price?

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Are you looking for a good quality and inexpensive daily contact lens brand to buy online? Then you’re probably looking for the site that has the Focus Dailies best price.

Focus Dailies is a brand launched by CIBA Vision (now Alcon) circa the year 2000. The expansions on the brand, Focus Dailies Progressive and Focus Dailies Toric soon followed.

Although Focus Dailies contacts were not the first daily disposable contact lenses to hit the market, Focus Dailies Progressive and Focus Dailies Toric were the first daily disposable progressive lens and daily disposable toric lens respectively.

Is Focus Dailies A Good Brand?Focus Dailies Best Price

Having been around since the turn of the 21st century, we can conclude that the Focus Dailies line of contact lenses are quality contact lenses. There are many brands that were released much later than Focus Dailies, and discontinued not long thereafter due to poor performance. When a brand has been around as long as Focus Dailies have, you know it is a reliable product.

However, that is not to say that it is the best brand out there. Keep in mind that it was developed during a time when daily contact lens technology was just emerging. Since the launch of Focus Dailies contact lenses, there has been multiple advances in technology that allow daily disposable contact lenses to be a lot more comfortable and breathable.

But It’s The Cheapest Daily Disposable Lens Right?

You would think that since it’s one of the oldest daily disposable brands out there, that it would be one of the least expensive, right? That’s usually how it works.

Well, contact lenses are a little bit different.

In the world of contact lenses, the older and lower quality contact lenses often cost more than the newer, better quality contact lenses.

Why this is the case I’m not entirely sure, but here is my guess:

1. Economies of Scale

As contact lens manufacturers continue to develop and release newer and newer brands, they turn their focus away from their old brands to focus on their new brands. When they start turning over manufacturing lines from their old brands to their new brands, they lose their economies of scale on their older brands and have to start charging more for them to cover costs.

2. Phasing Out A Brand

To make space for their newer brands, sometimes contact lens manufacturers want to discontinue their older brands. But they can’t just stop selling them from one day to the next. Manufacturers slowly discontinue old brands to give their reps time to meet with all the optometrists. They tell optometrists that if anyone is still wearing their old brands, that they should be switched to their newer brands. This allows them to retain their customers instead of potentially losing them to a competitor manufacturer.

In the meantime, they raise the prices on the older brands to provide extra incentive for their customers to upgrade to their newer lenses.

Focus Dailies Best Price

At the time of writing this article, the lowest price of a box of Focus Dailies 90 pack is $34.99 and that price can be found at lens.com.

Keep in mind that prices for contact lenses change very often. To make sure you get the most up to date price of Focus Dailies, be sure to check Contacts Advice’s Contact Lens Price Comparison Chart.

Get Something Better For LessDailies AquaComfort Plus Best Price

As mentioned above, older lenses like Focus Dailies are not necessarily the least expensive. In fact, you can get Alcon’s much more recent release, the Dailies AquaComfort Plus brand, which is much more comfortable and breathable than Focus Dailies, and at a lower price.

At the time of writing this article, the lowest price of a box of Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90 pack is $28.24 and that price can be found at discountcontactlenses.com.

Again, but sure to check Contacts Advice’s Price Comparison Chart for the most up to date price and where you can find it.

Caution Regarding Other Contact Lens Price Comparison Sites

Given the explosion of online shopping in the recent past, price comparison sites are the essential for those who don’t know the 4 corners of the internet like the back of their hand.

But just as price comparison sites are meant to help you find the best online store, sometimes you need a little help finding the best price comparison site.

I spend time every day updating the price of contact lenses of all manufacturers, at the top 10 best contact lens sites.

When I visit other contact lens price comparison sites to see the results of their research, I often wonder what their methods are exactly. The places that they suggest have the lowest prices are nowhere near as low as the prices that I undercover during my price research.

For example,

lensshopper.com lists that the lowest price for a box of Focus Dailies 90 pack is $45.85 at the site bestpricecontacts.com. In contrast, I found 5 sites that have a lowest price than that.

To see where to find the lowest prices for all the most popular brands, check out Contacts Advice’s Contact Lens Price Comparison Chart.

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