Contact Lens Price Comparison: Contacts Advice VS Contacts Prices is a contact lens price comparison website that claims to compare prices on contacts from all stores. In this article I will review Contacts Price and show you how it compares to Contacts Advice as a contact lens price comparison site.

Contacts Price Claims

“Compare prices on contacts from all stores!”

On their homepage, Contacts Price first claim is that it compares prices from all stores. Right off the bat we’re dealing with false claims. Let’s just dispense with the absurdity that they compare contact lens prices from physical stores (as their claim ‘all stores’ would suggest) and assume that they just mean all online stores. Even then, that would quite a feat as there are hundreds of online contact lens stores worldwide.

As you will see in this review, and if you visit their site, they don’t compare hundreds of websites. It varies from brand to brand, but it usually varies between 6 and 20 different sites.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that they should be comparing hundreds of site to be a good contact lens price comparison site. I’m just pointing out that they don’t mind making extravagant claims and not living up to them.

“To find the cheapest place to order contacts online Contactsprice compares contact lenses prices from all major online stores.“

As you will see in the comparison between Contacts Price and Contacts Advice below, this claim in not true. There are numerous examples (almost every example) where Contacts Advice finds a lower price at a different site than Contacts Price.

“If some online store is the cheapest place to buy contact lenses now that is does not mean it will be the cheapest place to buy contacts the next time.“

This claim I completely agree with. I have been making contact lens price comparisons for many years and if there’s one constant, it’s that prices are always changing. It’s almost like there’s a rotation for the lowest price among a few different websites. It’s very confusing for customers, which is why contact lens price comparison sites are important and useful.

Contacts Price Site Layout

Contacts Price is a very simple site to use. You have 2 ways of finding your brand. You can type it into the search box at the top of the site or choose from the drop-down menu on the home page.

Once you’ve found your brand, you will see a picture of the box at the top of the page, and a list of all the website that they compare below.

For each website, the following information is offered: Site name, rating, price, handling fee, shipping fee, coupon code.

Contact Lens Price Comparison Contacts Advice Vs Contacts Price

Now I will compare the lowest price found by Contacts Price and Contacts Advice for 15 of the most popular brands.

Contacts Price Logo Contacts Advice Logo
Brand Lowest Price Site Lowest Price Site
Acuvue Oasys 12 pk $49.98 Costco $42.09
Acuvue Oasys 24 pk $84.99 ACLens $64.15
Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism $28.98 Costco $23.20
Acuvue 1 Day Moist 30 pk $21.98 Costco $20.97
Acuvue 1 Day Moist 90 pk $50.99 Opticontacts $40.88
Air Optix Aqua $29.75 Opticontacts $15.03
Air Optix for Astigmatism $41.95 Opticontacts $24.94 Coastal
Air Optix Night & Day $43.95 $30.74
Air Optix Colors $72.99 Targetoptical $67.24 DCL
Dailies AquaComfort Plus 30 pk $17.95 Opticontacts $17.07 DCL
Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90 pk $42.75 Opticontacts $31.25
Biofinity $27.95 CLK $14.94
Biofinty Toric $39.50 Opticontacts $29.57
ULTRA $41.99 ACLens $39.80
PureVision 2 $27.95 CLK $19.94
PuveVision 2 Toric $35.99 Costco $46.97



Of all 16 brands compared, Contacts Advice was able to find a lower price than Contacts Price for 15 of them. Although the 1 brand that Contacts Price found to be lower was at Costco, for which you need a membership (which is not free).

It is worth noting that the prices found at Contacts Advice are not only lower than Contacts Price, but in many cases, significantly so.

Brand  Contacts Price  Contacts Advice  $’s less / box   $’s less / year supply
 Acuvue Oasys 12 pk  $49.98  $42.09  $7.89  $31.56
 Acuvue Oasys 24 pk  $84.99  $64.15  $20.84  $41.68
 Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism $28.98  $23.20  $5.78  $23.12
 Acuvue 1 Day Moist 30 pk  $21.98  $20.97  $1.01  $24.24
 Acuvue 1 Day Moist 90 pk  $50.99  $40.88  $10.11  $80.88
 Air Optix Aqua  $29.75  $15.03  $14.72  $58.88
 Air Optix for Astigmatism  $41.95  $24.94  $17.01  $68.04
 Air Optix Night & Day  $43.95  $30.74  $13.21  $52.84
 Air Optix Colors  $72.99  $67.24  $5.75  $23.00
 Dailies AquaComfort Plus 30 pk  $17.95  $17.07  $0.88  $21.12
 Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90 pk  $42.75  $31.25  $11.50  $92.00
 Biofinity  $27.95  $14.94  $13.01  $52.04
 Biofinty Toric  $39.50  $29.57  $9.93  $39.72
 ULTRA  $41.99  $39.80  $2.19  $8.76
 PureVision 2  $27.95  $19.94  $8.01  $32.04
 PuveVision 2 Toric  $35.99  $46.97  -$10.98  -$43.92


Take a look at Acuvue 1 Day Moist 90 pk and Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90 pk. The lowest price from Contacts Advice would save you an additional $80.88 and $92.00 respectively on a year supply of lenses. That’s a huge amount!

How much did you pay for your last supply of contact lenses? How confident are you that you were paying the lowest price out there? Chances are, if you weren’t consulting the best contact lens price comparison site on the internet (or no contact lens price comparison site at all), you’re paying way too much for your contact lenses.

How Contacts Advice Does It

Contacts Advice it the most up-to-date and comprehensive contact lens price comparison site on the internet. You get:

  • Weekly price updates so that prices are always current
  • Comparison of prices at the top 11 contact lens sites, so that the lowest price is always found
  • Comparison of the top 50 most popular contact lens brands so you’re sure to find your brand

The lowest prices for every brand are found right on the homepage. A picture of the box for each brand is also shown so you can easily confirm that you’re looking at the correct brand. Also on the homepage (at the bottom) is a spreadsheet showing the prices for every brand, across every site. That way you can compare all the sites in one quick glance.

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