Best Place To Buy Air Optix Contact Lenses

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Air Optix contact lenses have long been a staple monthly contact lens. By today’s standards, though it may not be the best contact lens brand on the market anymore, it’s still a very high quality and affordable contact lens which accounts for its continued popularity.

Here is a video you can watch if you want to learn more about Air Optix Aqua contact lenses:

If you wear Air Optix contact lenses and you’re wondering where the best place to buy Air Optix is, you’ve come to the right place. I perform hundreds of contact lens price comparisons for all the most popular brands, across all the top contact lens sites on the internet.

Contacts Advice Price Comparison Chart

If you want to cut straight to the chase, check out Contacts Advice’s Price Comparison Chart and look for Air Optix Aqua in the left column. To the left, you will see the prices for Air Optix at all of the top contact lens sites. The lowest price is already highlight for you in yellow, and linked to that site. All you have to do it click on it and buy, knowing that you are paying the lowest price possible.

Below I will demonstrate in detail why it is so important to consult price comparison sites like Contacts Advice before you buy any contact lenses.

In this article I will be focusing on Air Optix Aqua, but similar patterns can been seen for most major contact lens brands out there.

All the quotes and calculations will be based on today’s (November 15th 2016) prices for Air Optix Aqua.

The Best Place To Buy Air Optix Aqua

As of today, the lowest price for Air Optix Aqua is $23.24/box at Discount Contact Lenses. One box contains 6 lenses which is good for 6 months for 1 eye. To make up a year supply for Air Optix Aqua you would need 4 boxes which amounts to $92.96.

Discount Contact Lenses Banner

The Worst Place To Buy Air Optix Aqua

In contrast to this, if you are thinking of shopping at Walgreens for your contact lenses, you would be paying $44.99/box. That comes out to $179.96 for a year supply.

That’s a whopping difference of $87.00!

As you can see, it is definitely worth consulting a price comparison guide before you purchase contact lenses online.

And if you think that Walgreens is just an outlier, and that other sites are comparable to the Discount Contact Lenses price, you would be mistaken.

Other Places To Buy Air Optix Aqua

Let’s look at prices from other extremely popular contact lens websites:

1800contacts: $34.99
Coastal: $39.99
Walmart: $36.13
Contacts Direct: $34.99

All of the sites listed above are still over $10/box more expensive than Discount Contact Lenses!

This analysis should be enough to convince you that all contact lens websites are not the same. Some overcharge wildly for their contacts, while others offer you a great deal. And as I mentioned earlier, this is not limited simply to the Air Optix brand. Extreme variability in prices are seen across all major brands.

To make sure you are always paying the best price for your contact lenses, be sure to consult Contact Advice’s Price Comparison Chart.

If you have any experience paying way more than necessary for your contact lenses, please share in the comments below so that others may avoid falling in the same trap.

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