Best Brands of Daily Colored Contact Lenses

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It can be fun to change the color of our eyes once in a while. For the occasional eye color changer it’s ideal to use daily colored contact lenses. In this article I will review the different option out there for daily colored contact lenses.

For monthly colored contact lenses, you can you read my overview of Air Optix Colors. However, in this article I will only be discussing daily colored contact lenses.

Here’s an overview of the brands I’ll be covering:

1. DAILIES Colors

2. FreshLook ONE-DAY

3. 1-Day ACUVUE Define

4. Splash Illusion




DAILIES Colors 30 pack box

DAILIES Colors is the newest brand of daily colored contact lenses to hit the North American market. It is manufactured by Alcon with the same material used in their DAILES AquaComfort Plus line.


The defining feature of DAILIES Colors is Alcon’s 3-in-1 Technology. This technology combines:

  1. A dark outer ring – This makes the edges of the iris (the colored part of your eye more defined.
  2. The primary color – This is what changes the color of your eyes.
  3. A light inner ring – This adds another layer of depth and provides contrast with the pupil.

DAILIES Colors comes in 4 different colors:

DAILIES Colors Mystic Green Sample DAILIES Colors Mystic Hazel Sample
Mystic Green Mystic Hazel
DAILIES Colors Mystic Gray Sample DAILIES Colors Mystic Blue Sample
Mystic Gray Mystic Blue


If the colors seem very similar to FreskLook ONE-DAY, that’s because they are. Both DAILIES Colors and FreshLook ONE-DAY are made by the same company, Alcon. In many ways, DAILIES Colors are just the better version of FreshLook ONE-DAY.


Material Water Content Base Curve Diameter Sphere Range Cylinder Range Axis Technology
Nelfilcon A 69% 8.6 13.8 0 to -8.00 N/A NA 3-in-1 Color Technology

DAILIES Colors Pros

3-in-1 Color Technology

Alcon’s 3-in-1 Color Technology has been used for several years in their monthly colored contact lens brand called Air Optix Colors. It provides a much richer and more natural look compared the color in FreshLook ONE-DAY and other FreshLook products. 

DAILIES Colors Cons

Limited Colors

Unlike the monthly version Air Optix Colors which has 12 different colors to choose from, DAILIES Colors only has 4 colors, and they are just a re-hash of the colors which already existed in FreshLook ONE-DAY.


DAILIES Colors do not come cheap. If price is an issue, you may want to consider the monthly colored contact lens brand Air Optix Color by Alcon or Expressions Colors by CooperVision

For comparison, let’s consider the prices at

For a 1-month supply of DAILIES Colors: 

You need 2 30-packs @ $63.99/box = $127.98

For a 1-month supply of Air Optix Colors: 

You need 1 2-pack @ $33.99/box = $33.99


FreshLook ONE-DAY

FreshLook ONE-DAY

FreshLook ONE-DAY lenses are part of the greater FreshLook family of color contact lenses. It has the same material and fitting parameters as the brand Focus DAILIES.  


FreshLook ONE-DAY Green Sample FreshLook ONE-DAY Hazel Sample
Green Hazel
FreshLook ONE-DAY Gray Sample FreshLook ONE-DAY Blue Sample
Gray Blue



Material Water Content Base Curve Diameter Sphere Range Cylinder Range Axis Technology
Nelfilcon A 69% 8.6 13.8 0 to -8.00 N/A NA Focus® DAILIES®


FreshLook ONE-DAY Pros


Given that FreshLook ONE-DAY has been around for many years, it will not be difficult to find. Most online and in-store retailers of contact lenses will carry this brand. 

FreshLook ONE-DAY Cons


FreshLook ONE-DAY quite expensive for what it offers. You may not realize this at first as the listed price will be low, but you must realize that FreshLook ONE-DAY is only available in 10-packs (most daily contact lenses come in 30-packs).

So whatever price you find for FreshLook ONE-DAY, multiply it by 3 to compare it to a 30-pack of a different brand, or by 9 to compare it to a 90-pack of a different brand. 

Should you still buy FreshLook ONE-DAY?

Now that DAILIES Colors are available which have an improved color pattern, there is little reason to still buy FreshLook ONE-DAY. Despite the improvements in DAILIES Colors, they are not more expensive than FreshLook ONE-DAY. They are roughly the same price. 

For comparison, let’s consider the prices at

For a 1-month supply of DAILIES Colors:

You need 2 30-packs @ $63.99/box = $127.98

For a 1-month supply of FreshLook ONE-DAY:

You need 6 10-packs @ $20.99/box = $125.94


1-Day ACUVUE define

1-Day ACUVUE define 30 pk

1-Day ACUVUE define may not be a ‘true’ daily color contact lens, but I thought it should be a part of this list anyway. 

Instead of completely changing the color of your eyes, 1-Day ACUVUE define will accentuate your own eye color in several different ways. 

For example, you can use them to make your eyes look bigger, more sparkly, darker on the outside, etc. 


1-Day ACUVUE define has 6 different style to choose from. 

1-Day ACUVUE define Accent Style 1-Day ACUVUE define Vivid Style
1-Day ACUVUE define Natural Shine Style 1-Day ACUVUE define Radiant Bright Style
1-Day ACUVUE define Radiant Charm Style1
1-Day ACUVUE define offers UVA + UBA protection! UV protection


As you can see, 1-Day ACUVUE define does not change the color of the eyes, but rather is enhances the natural beauty of the eyes by applying certain subtle effects. Although brown eyes are used in the pictures above, 1-Day Acuvue Define can be worn over all eye colors. 


Material Water Content Base Curve Diameter Sphere Range Cylinder Range Axis Technology
Etafilcon A 58% 8.5 14.2 +1.00 to -9.00 N/A NA LACREON®

1-Day ACUVUE define Pros


Whereas a lot of color contact lenses make it quite obvious that you’re attempting to change your eye color, 1-Day ACUVUE define will leave your eyes looking more beautiful in ways that onlookers will just not be able to put their finger on. This could also be a con if you’re interested in a radical change. 


Compared to DAILIES Colors and FreshLook ONE-DAY, 1-Day ACUVUE define is quite affordable. 

For comparison, let’s consider the prices at

For a 1-month supply of DAILIES Colors:

You need 2 30-packs @ $63.99/box = $127.98

For a 1-month supply of 1-Day ACUVUE define:

You need 2 30-packs @ $27.99/box = $55.98

1-Day ACUVUE define Cons

Although some styles of 1-Day ACUVUE define have a hint of color in them, these are not true daily colored contact lenses and will not change the overall color of your  eyes.


Splash Illusion

splash Illusion 30 pk

Splash Illusion is part of the Splash line of contact lenses which include Splash, Splash One Day, Splash of Color, Splash of Color 2 and Splash Illusion.

Similar in concept to 1-Day ACUVUE define, splash Illusion are not true color contact lenses, but rather ‘circle’ or ‘ring’ contact lenses. 


There are only 2 variations of Splash Illusion.

splash Illusion black splash Illusion Brown


Splash Illusion offers UVA + UBA protection! UV protection


Material Water Content Base Curve Diameter Sphere Range Cylinder Range Axis Technology
Methafilcon A 55% 8.6 14.2 0 to -9.00 N/A NA

Aspheric Design


Splash Illusion Pros


Splash Illusion are the least expensive on this list. However, with that said they are not that much less expensive than 1-Day ACUVUE define. 

Splash Illusion Cons


Splash Illusion are only available online and only on the sites or


Limited Colors

Splash Illusion only offers 2 different variations, being black and brown. This effectively limits these this brand to only people with dark eyes. A black or brown right around someone with blue eyes would not look good. 



Splash has not been able to establish itself as a reputable brand in the contact lens industry. All Splash contact lenses are re-branded made-in-China contact lenses form a company called Interojo which most contact lens fitters and eye care practitioner in the West know very little about. 


Ns COLLECTION contact lenses

N’sCOLLECTION is a line a contact lenses made and sold primarily in Japan. However, it is available in the United States. 

N’s COLLECTION contact lenses are branded after Naomi Watanabe, a Japanese pop culture icon. She has been dubbed the ‘Japanese Beyoncé’ for her talented imitations of Beyoncé Knowles.


N’s COLLECTION features the most colors on this list with 7 refreshingly natural-looking colors (with interesting names).

Ns COLLECTION Chocolate sample Ns COLLECTION Lassie sample Ns COLLECTION Fruit Punch sample Ns COLLECTION coconuts sample
Hot Chocolate Lassie Fruit Punch Coconuts
Ns COLLECTION Lemonade sample Ns COLLECTION Lemonade sample Ns COLLECTION Cider sample
Lemonade Matcha Latte Cider


N’s COLLECTION offers 75% UVA + 99% UBA protection! UV protection


Material Water Content Base Curve Diameter Sphere Range Cylinder Range Axis Technology
??? 55% 8.6 14.2 0 to -8.00 N/A NA
  • Rounded edges
  • Coated


There is not a lot of information available in English on N’s COLLECTION daily colored contact lenses. 



N’s COLLECTION boasts a large variety of different colors. Furthermore, the colors are made to look like natural variations of regularly occurring eye colors. 



These lenses are very expensive. Boxes of N’s COLLECTION daily colored contact lenses come with 10 contact lenses in them. At ~$29/box that comes out to about $5.8/pair. 

Limited Information

Being from Japan, little is known about the manufacturing process, performance and safety profile of these contact lenses.

If you have any experience with these contact lenses, please let me know in the comments section below!


N’s COLLECTION is just one of countless brands of daily colored contact lenses made and sold in Asia. Asia’s market for colored contact lenses is much bigger than in North America so they have lot more options. If you’d like to explore more overseas brands you can check out


Daily colored contact lenses offers people the opportunity to change up their look once in a while. In the past, most colored contact lenses have been monthly, quarterly or yearly. However, there are not several options of daily colored contact lenses which are healthier, safer and more comfortable.

Hopefully this list has been informative. If you know of a brand that should be on this list, please let me know! I’d also love to hear any feedback or experience you may have with your daily colored contact lenses. 

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