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Alcon is doing it again! We’re getting a brand new line of daily disposable contact lenses by the contact lens giant called PRECISION 1 ONE-DAY CONTACT LENSES.



As of now (November 2019), Alcon is in the very early stages of launch of this product. In this article, I will discuss what is current known about this new brand.


Alcon already boasts a very large portfolio of contact lenses of all types. They have monthly contact lenses, daily contact lenses, contact lenses for astigmatism, multifocal contact lenses, color contact lenses, etc. So why create PRECISION 1? What makes it different?

Alcon looked at study that set out to identify the most common reasons that lead to new contact lens wearers dropping out of contact lenses. They found that the top 3 reasons for this were:

  1. Problems with vision
  2. Problems with comfort
  3. Problems inserting and removing the lenses

This data was taking form the study by Sulley A, Young G, Hunt C, et al. titled “Retention rates in new contact lens wearers.

With this in mind, Alcon developed a contact lens to address these problems with the goal of preventing preventing contact lens drop-out by new contact lens wearers. As you can see, all 3 points are addressed in this promotional info-graphic.



Silicone Hydrogel

PRECISION 1 contact lenses are made from a brand new silicone hydrogel contact lens material called verofilcon A. In the past decade or so, silicone hydrogel contact lens materials have become the standard for healthy, breathable contact lenses.



PRECISION 1 contact lenses are first to be treated with Alcon proprietary SMARTSURFACE TECHNOLOGY.

Contact lens companies rarely give in-depth explanations about how their proprietary technology actually work. In this case, Alcon explains it this way:

Precision 1 contact lenses SmartSurface Technology

UV BlockingPRECISION 1 contact lenses are UV blocking

PRECISION 1 contact lenses have Class 1 UV blocking properties. That means that it block >90% of harmful UVA and >99% of harmful UVB light rays.

It is important to note that although Class 1 is the highest class of UV protection in contact lenses, it still does not substitute for wearing proper sunglasses when you’re out in the sun.

Learn more about the negative effects of UV light on the eyes.

How does PRECISION 1 compare to Alcon’s other daily disposable contact lenses?

Alcon seems to be positioning the PRECISION 1 brand as an affordable high-quality contact lens. It’s not as high-end as their premium brand DAILIES TOTAL 1, but a better, more comfortable option than their value brand DAILIES AquaComfort Plus.


Alcon is heavily marketing PRECISION 1 contact lenses at brand new contact lens wearers. They want eye doctors to recommend this PRECISION 1 to all of their patients interested in trying contact lenses for the first time.

You can see this reflected in this promotional graphic:


Is it for people with astigmatism?

For now PRECISION 1 contact lenses are not available for people who require astigmatism correction.

This is the care for virtually all contact lens brands when they first launch. If the PRECISION 1 does well and there is demand for a toric version, we will probably see it come out in the near future.

And presbyopia?

Again, since PRECISION 1 is a new brand it does not have a multifocal version. Multifocal versions of contact lenses don’t typically come about unless the regular version of the brand has proven to be successful on the market. Time will tell for PRECISION 1.

What are the available parameters?

PRECISION 1 ONE-DAY contact lens are available for people who have nearsightedness and farsightedness. Here are the available parameters:

Material Dk/t (breathability) Water Content Base Curve Diameter Power
verofilcon A
(silicone hydrogel)
100 (very breathable!) 51% 8.3 14.2 -12.00 to +8.00




As is the case with all contact lenses, the price varies depending on the outlet. Of course, once it’s been rolled out the cheapest place to purchase them will be online. But even then the price will vary from website to website.

Rest assured that Contacts Advice will be comparing the price of PRECISION 1 contact lenses across all contact lens websites to find the lowest price for you.

Generally speaking the price will be somewhere between that of DAILIES AquaComfort Plus (~$30 USD per 90 pack) and DAILIES TOTAL 1 (~$60 USD per 90 pack).

The price of PRECISION 1 contact lenses is somewhere between that of DAILIES AquaComfort Plus and DAILIES TOTAL 1.


As of early 2020, PRECISION 1 contact lenses will be available in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. For those living outside of those areas, Alcon does plan to expand to other countries as well throughout 2020 and 2021.

As of early 2020, PRECISION 1 contact lenses will be available in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.


What’s your experience PRECISION 1 ONE-DAY?

If you’ve tried PRECISION 1 contact lenses, I would love to hear your experience with them. Feel free to share your thoughts about them in the comments section below!

Shopping for contact lenses

Whenever you’re shopping for contact lenses, whether it’s for PRECISION 1 ONE-DAY or any other brand, it’s important to locate the lowest price first.

The internet is big place and contact lens websites love to overcharge for contact lenses because most people assume that contact lenses are the same price on every website. This is far from true!

Contacts Advice price shops all the contact lens websites to make sure contact lens wearers always know where to find the lowest price for their brand.

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15 Responses

  1. Sara
    | Reply

    I’ve worn both monthly and daily contacts for a few years now and the Precision 1 is my favorite. They are actually more comfortable than the Dailies Total 1 for me. Unfortunately, they’re not really available outside a doctor’s office yet, so I paid around the same as dailies total 1 ($60/box) but hopefully by the time I need more, they’ll be cheaper online!

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Hopefully! I’m keeping an eye on online websites to see when they will start being available online. When they do I will post which website sells them for the best price. Stay tuned!

  2. Stacie
    | Reply

    I’ve worn contacts for approximately 25 years, switching to dailies about three years ago. Tried the Precision 1 twice now and both nights, I can’t get them out of my eyes without a severe struggle and panic. Tried with dry hands, wet hands, normal eye moisture, eye drops added, lids pulled as wide open as possible…these are just HARD to remove. And I’ve had a ton of practice. I don’t like the feeling of “they’re stuck, now what”.

    • Julie
      | Reply

      Wow, that sounds terrible! I knew the Dailies TOTAL1 were known to be difficult to remove, but I didn’t know that about the PRECISION 1. Thank for sharing your experience with us.

    • Elizabeth
      | Reply

      I have the same issue. I have a love hate relationship with them! They are so comfortable but I struggle to get them out at night.

    • Sonia Antunes
      | Reply

      I have the same issue. I tried them at my eye doctors and they were so comfortable I wasn’t even sure they were in, and I was delighted, but at the end of the day, I’m finding they’re a bit difficult to remove.

    • Amy
      | Reply

      I have a few trial packs from my doctor as I’m switching to dailies. I’ve been wearing contacts for about 25 yrs as well and I had trouble removing theses as well and I’ve only tried about two pairs. I may be asking to try out a different brand. I’ve never had a hard time removing my contacts as I do these.

    • Janie Matlaf
      | Reply

      Same problem as other users who had difficulty removing them. I have worn disposables for 20+ years and have never had a problem inserting or removing. Doctor offered me sample of these to try yesterday for first time. Very comfy – but tried 10 times each eye wet and dry all sorts of ways to remove. Scary as my eyes were getting more and more uncomfortable until they finally came out.

  3. Anita Keller
    | Reply

    I’ve worn mono vision contacts for over 20 years. I’m 65. The Precision 1 are by far the most comfortable lenses for me. ( L +6.00, R +2.75). In early, out LATE at night. Love them. Glad to see they go up to +8.00! ?

  4. David
    | Reply

    They are comfortable to wear but the down side is that they are a struggle to take out. I’ve been using the dailies for a month now and I’m at the point to where I regret purchasing these. Unfortunately I am stuck with a years supply now. I’ve never had such a struggle with any other brand in taking them out. They are stuck like glue to the eyeball. I’ve tried with dry fingers, moist fingers and I have to try for a good 10x before I can take them out leaving my eyes very irritated afterwards.

  5. Eileen
    | Reply

    I can’t believe how difficult these lens are to get out! It feels unsafe every night to be trying to get these contacts off my eye. I’ve worn contacts for over 15 years and have never had this problem.

    I would not recommend this brand at all.

  6. Eileen
    | Reply

    These are awful to get out! I’ve worn contacts for 25 years and now feel very nervous at night trying to remove my lens. I would not recommend this brand.

  7. Jamie George
    | Reply

    I have worn contact lenses of various sorts for over 40 years. I just started a trial of Precision 1 lenses and have never had so much trouble removing lenses as I do with these. The last 2 nights I have spent 10-15 minutes trying to get them off my eyes, getting frustrated and sore. I do have dry eye issues and use eye drops throughout the day as well as 2-3 times before taking my lenses out, but that doesn’t help get these lenses out at all. They are very comfortable, but I worry now if I get some debris in my eye, will I be able to remove these to clear it out quickly. I need to make a decision about sticking with these or going back to my other brand in a couple days. Does anyone have any tips on removing these quickly without having sore red eyes afterwards?

  8. Brett
    | Reply

    Overall worst lenses I have ever tried. Comfortable and clear at at first but nearly unwearable by the 5 hour mark — both blurry and uncomfortable feeling. Don’t even think of trying to nap or wear these on an airplane. I’ve been wearing lenses daily for 35 years and have never had such trouble with lenses. They are absolutely awful.

  9. Ray
    | Reply

    I tried these against the CooperVision MyDay, 1-Day Acuvue Oasys with Hydraluxe, and Acuvue Vita which I have worn since they came out. Precision 1 won in terms of comfort by far. It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all and lasted 12-16 hours with ease in Austin, TX winter humidity (50-60%).

    1-Day Oasys was also very comfortable but the Precision 1 just felt a little more…precise. I could make out objects in the distance a little bit sharper with the Precision 1. And near the end of the day I started to feel the Oasys but not the Precision 1. MyDay were uncomfortable from the beginning and often got blurry when I blinked. Vita is usually pretty good for me all day until week 3 or 4 with proper cleaning and rubbing with solution.

    By the way, great to see you posting again. I thought this blog was dead when I didn’t see a review for the B+L Infuse that came out in 2020. You have the best contact lens reviews and information on the entire internet by far and actually dig deep into the research and manufacturer claims. Everything else is just spam written for clicks, sponsored reviews by manufacturers, or just lacking in specific detail. Would love to see more reviews especially on the new Oasys Max 1-Day especially since J&J seems to be rehashing Senofilcon A for forever and at an even higher price.

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